Our belief in construction ensures that it gives primary consideration to comfortable and straightforward. We snuggle up to our clients and form one object as if you tailor an haute couture. We expect to discover unprecedented values for the architecture through such processes. The architecture has a deep relationship in our life. Furthermore, it is also related to the location and the region. We believe that each of them can resonate and grow together in a long life, and we can provide a trigger of action to the people and the area. We commit to each architecture with sincere based on our stance, and we expect that we can keep producing a unique structure.


  • 岩西 智宏

    岩西 智宏

    Tomohiro Iwanishi

    一級建築士/一級造園施工管理技士/宅建士1977年和歌山市に生まれ、幼い頃からボーイスカウト活動に参加、野外活動やボランティア活動を経験。1999年大阪商業大学貿易学科を卒業、在学中は海外に興味を持ち多くの時間を海外で過ごした。建築学、造園学を学びたく2007年大阪芸術大学環境計画学科卒業。翌年の2008年にアトリエグリッドを設立し現在に至る。 First-class architect/First-class Landscape Gardening Work Operation and Management Engineer/Real Estate NotaryBorn in Wakayama city in 1977; Took part in boy scout activities since childhood; Experienced outdoor and volunteer activities; Graduated from the Department of Commerce, Osaka University of Commerce in 1999; He had been interested in overseas and spent most of his university lifetime abroad. Later, he completed learning architecture and landscape and graduated from the Department of Environmental Design, Osaka University of Arts in 2007. In the following year, he established the ATELIER GRID in 2008, then up to present.

  • 長谷 真

    長谷 真

    Makoto Hase


    First-class architectBorn in Wakayama city in 1976; Engaged in Design works at Shimamura ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE from 1996 to 2013; He has Joined the ATELIER GRID, 1st-Class Registered Architect Office, since May in 2013, and achieved a lot of design projects as a manager of the design department. Now, he is focusing effort on overseas projects and the development of the junior staff involved in architecture.


Iwanishi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Atelier Grid First Class Architect Office
23 Hatayashikinishinocho, Wakayama-shi,
Wakayama 640-8396 Japan
Yukio Iwanishi / Tomohiro Iwanishi
Number of employees
The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Limited.
Architectural design /
planning design supervision /
landscape design
First-class architect office registration
Wakayama Prefecture Governor Registration No. (Ri) 90-2
Wakayama Prefecture Housing Lots and Buildings Business Association Member
National Housing Lots and Buildings Transaction Guarantee Association
Wakayama Prefecture Governor License (2) No. 3605