Imanaka house



A land that the owner chose locates at the foot of the Izumi Mountains. A wind blowing from the mountain and spread landscape of field crops are impressive so that the owner felt to take them into architecture. The building, therefore, designed according to the flow of wind that comes from the opening on the north side to the entire room, then flows to the courtyard through the opening on the south side. Furthermore, the rooms’ structure designed as the open space without any partitions except the bedroom so that it built that the air can be easy to pass through the room by the gentle split-level floor for each floor. The split-level floor generates the gap of the residents’ perspective and allows them to divide the shared space and the private space well. This space composition seems well-received from his wife. - “I can feel how children are doing safety while doing housework.”


We commit about the scale or layout of the windows to live comfortably to feel the four seasons’ transition. The spectacular view devises to adjust depending on the respective actions in standing or sitting. The ceiling in lattice for the multipurpose room on the second floor is planed that can arrange the curtain or lights freely to maintain individual spaces for three sons in the future. By expecting into details for living with family, the residence where allows useful and arrangeable has accomplished.