The owner desired to spend the extraordinary time at a place where has a panoramic view of the ocean. Over about two years, the owner found an elevated spot with overlooking Osaka-bay and a yacht harbor at last. There is a park near there, where you will be fascinated with a sweeping view of the ocean while seeing the cherry blossoms which fully bloom in spring. When the owner visited here at first, the owner came up with a design to be able to feel the ocean and the cherry blossoms. The main floor puts on the second floor, and it equips LDK, a bathroom, and others, and a large roof terrace builds facing the ocean as well. The dining kitchen is on the split-level floor so that you can enjoy the prospect while eating. The owner had already selected authentic furniture and determined the sofa in the living room or the table in the dining room. So, the owner produced the fully layout that the scenery can see the most beautiful by calculating the height of the furniture.


The first floor consists of a Japanese style room, the bedroom, and so on. Furthermore, a water feature and some plantings have established in the yard on the east side of the entrance. Thus, the residents can enjoy viewing them from the door, the bedroom, or the bathroom on the second floor. The main feature is that picture windows applied to windows so that you can enjoy the prospect wherever you are. You can spend a sophisticated atmosphere while viewing the scene of fluttering leaves, the subtle changes in nature, the yacht sailing slowly on the vast ocean, or lighthouse light illuminating the sea at night. A comfortable house that the residents can spend an extraordinary life in their usual living has completed due to making the best use of the ideal landscape.