The house



What we valued was, “The residents can feel nature in their daily life.” If there are greens around the property, we would have allowed to take it in. But it could not expect such a view since it locates in the residential area. Therefore, we planned that it takes the scenery into indoor from skylights on the triangular roofs or the courtyard. When you go up to the loft space, you can enjoy looking sky, stars, or mountains from the skylight windows, then refresh. With galvanized steel roof, it repels water, and you can also see raindrops one-by-one clearly due to fluorine processing. There are no rain gutters, and the rain flows down like a shower so that you can enjoy the rain scenery, such as a water curtain. The courtyard, furthermore, covered by the lawn, and it provides to prevent splashing mud by rain.

屋根の形状は、三角形が最も美しく見える黄金比に基づいて設計しているので、とんがり屋根が外観を 印象的に見せています。道路側には窓を設けず、前面道路と中庭を仕切る塀を設置し、中庭に面した開口をすべての部屋に設けました。朝起きると庭の緑が目に入り、1日を気持ちよく過ごせます。LDKに は、家族の希望でダイニングテーブルと一体となったステンレス製アイランド型キッチンを採用。ダイニングとキッチンがつながり、家族と一緒に過ごしながら料理できるます。床面積は1階17坪とロフト8坪。コンパクトな建物です。

The roof shape is designed based on the Golden ratio, where the triangular looks the most beautiful. The pointed roof provides an impressive appearance. Also, the residence does not have windows on the roadside and installs the fence to separate the courtyard from the forward road, then the openings facing the courtyard are placed to all rooms. You can see the greens through the yard when you wake up, and you can spend a pleasant day. LDK adopts a stainless-steel kitchen island united with a dining table that the family requests. The kitchen and the dining room do not separate so that the family can enjoy cooking while spending time together. On the first floor has about 56 square meters, and the loft has about 26 square meters. It is a compact house.