& Room



和歌山市の老舗インテリアショップである「& ROOM」の15周年アニバーサリー事業としてのリニューアル工事を担当いたしました。お客様の第一印象となる店舗の外部ファサードは、2階部分のルーバーをランダムに切り取り、切り取った場所から緑が顔を覗かせることで店内への期待感を演出。1階部分の緑とともに風に揺れる植栽は建物に動きをつけています。

We were responsible for the renewal project of a long-established interior shop in Wakayama City “& ROOM” as the 15th anniversary. The shop's external facade gives the first impression to the customers, and on the second floor has louvers that hollow out randomly, and consequently, we produce the customer's expectation for the inside by showing the greenery through the parts which cut out. Furthermore, the plantings swaying in the wind along with the greenery on the first floor also make the building add movement.


The interior space at a shop designed the large atrium style of the entrance hall connecting to upstairs, which makes it invite the visiting customers to each floor. This shop has already ensured superior furniture, curtain, and some goods with a modern taste. So we proposed to sell “green” and “Book” due to adding the new pleasure of living to its source, then an enrich shop completed.