Donyu house




A house that includes soil locates at an area in the north of Kinokawa River where fields remain and a quiet residential area where you can feel the refreshing wind blow through there. In the large hall where spreads from the entrance to East and West, a chestnut tree planted outside welcomes visitors. The chestnut tree shows different faces throughout the year that is new green leaves in spring or irresistible greeneries in summer. Furthermore, turning the autumn color leaves to the sharp shape of the tree from fall to winter. Visitors and residents are always fascinated with the transition of the four seasons through the tree.


A raised platform with Tatami mats provides at the center of the first floor and designed depending on the movement of the residents to use various purposes, and it can reach from LDK, the washroom, the outside deck, and the around rooms. Furthermore, most of the floor in the hallway on the second floor built in lattice-shaped so that it also plans that the gentle sunlight and wind from the windows on the second floor take into the first floor.