The property extends east and west without depth, facing a pedestrian traffic street so that it was essential to consider for the privacy. Therefore, we concluded that the façade should be designed to put a cedared pillar to the forefront. Also, it gives an approach that the residents can reach from the courtyard to the entrance through the porch after getting in from a gate. When you close the gate, the yard surrounding by all sides appears, and it can avoid seeing from outside. Furthermore, the appearance is architected with the moss green roof is inclined 68 degrees as its name suggests “Tilt 68”. The design that looks like placing the courtyard in between two buildings makes us imagine as if it will appear on a picture book.


The living room has a contrast of teak wood flooring and Kishu wood wall/ceiling so that it produces a calm atmosphere. All rooms faced the courtyard, ensuring ventilation and lighting, without large openings in whole sides. Refreshing air of the greenery gives you admire wherever you are. The property fulfilled by devising that the residents can keep their moderate private spaces and comfortable life, such as movement line considering the family behavior and storage space designed by measuring the size of things. There are two children's rooms because their three kids' ages are not close. That is adjustable depending on their growth and their lifestyle.