We proposed a “PLAN” for the placement and premises of the building, which makes the use of the triangle-shaped area, then this project started. - As the name “Pencil. Home” suggests, the lovely title comes from the moss green triangle roof that looks like a pencil. The cedar wood latticework surrounding the main building makes the visual provide an impact environment. Also, the wooden lattice wall has an effect that relieves looks from the street on the east side of the building and a role that protect the family's privacy.


Built-in garage and entrance place on the first floor, and there are LDK, children's rooms, and bathroom on the second floor. Upstairs where LDK feature as the primary space extents the comfortable atmosphere due to generating the height space with the triangle roofs. Furthermore, the residents can enjoy The Tajiri Sky Bridge from the wood deck on the second floor. “Pencil.Home” is a building that made it reflect the client's thoughts as it is.