Sakaedani house




We proposed space where it takes a source of a Japanese atmosphere “Wa” that the client desires. “House in Sakaedani” has the essential for Japanese style architecture such as large eaves and a veranda “Engawa” and makes the best use of them. The residence in 20m width, so that it achieved a spectacular and minimal single-story house.


In whole space on south side features as the opening, and the residents can see the wide-spreading yard. Furthermore, the deep eaves and the veranda “Engawa” in the area provide a role as a kind of a cushion among external and internal atmosphere. Also, a spacious room appears by opening fully the whole of the wooden dividing, such as doors, facing the yard. The residents can care about their active children's behavior while enjoying the tea on the veranda in the yard facing the greenery in the southern area.